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that of richard iii. >> let's go to london and speak to al jazeera. how and why did the scientists carry out these tests think that could be the skeleton of richard iii? >> it has been anymore -- an amazing piece of his tour ago detective work. the stories get -- go back 500 years. his body was slung over a horse from the bladder field -- from the battlefield, taken back to what became the city of leister -- leicester. there are all sorts of speculation about whether his body had been slung into a river by his enemies or whether it had been buried under a church. that is long since gone. it is now the social services, the local social services carpark. historians believe that there was this possibility that his skeleton may still be there. they started to excavate about a year ago. they have employed all the modern techniques that we are used to seeing in television dramas these days -- forensics, dna, carbon dating, and other ways in which they can establish that they have got their man, as it were. and they found a skeleton. they found the school. they found the injuries. they were able to
's 12:00 noon here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington and 1:00 p.m. in the hague where officials say they have unearthed football match-fixing on a scale not seen before. the european police organization stays scam involves millions in bribeds and a crime syndicate based in asia. it results in some high-profile matches including the champions league. >> among the 380 or so suspicious matches identified in this case, they are qualification matches for the european league football championships, two u.a. champions league matches including one played in england and several top-flight matches in the european national league. in addition another 300 suspicious matches were identified outside europe in africa, asia and south and central america. so this is match-fixing activity on a scale not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and corrupted officials and players affecting hundreds of matches and generating very large amounts of elicit profits. it is also the work of a sophisticated international crime syndicate. based in asia and working with criminal facilitators around europe.
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this 500-year-old skeleton found under a parking lot 90 miles northwest of london is indeed the remains of lost british king richard iii. later this morning we'll get the best guess from forensic scientists as to what king richard 30s would have looked like. the details are amazing, folks. they'll show off a full reconstruction of his head based on the bone structure of his skull. a live report from london. it's coming up in our next hour of "early start." >>> the party is still on in baltimore. the city will honor the super bowl champion ravens today with a victory parade. the team returned home to baltimore yesterday after beating the 49ers in super bowl xlvii, the second super bowl win for the ravens franchise. festivities begin at city hall this morning, ending with a free celebration at the ravens home base. >>> you can see beyonce was electrifying at the super bowl, right? you cannot say she killed the lights. we go live to new orleans next for what could have caused the blackout if it wasn't the halftime show. >>> the american city with the worst traffic gridlock. can you guess w
kerry is in london on his first trip abroad as secretary of state. he's going to be visiting nine countries in the next 11 days. margaret brennan is traveling with the secretary. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, norah, from windy london. secretary kerry is beginning his tour here in europe but the focus is the middle east where state department officials say the u.s. and europe are more strategically aligned than ever to pressure london to abandon its nuclear program and to isolate syrian president assad. kerry's efforts to broker a political transition in syria is already faltering. the syrian opposition is threatening to boycott a meeting with him this week and they've already canceled an upcoming trip to the u.s. they're under severe pressure to get more support from the international community, but the u.s. and europe refuse to provide them with military aid. secretary kerry sent his top envoy to the region yesterday to try to persuade them to meet with him in rome on thursday. >> margaret brennan, thanks. >>> this year's daytona 50
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correct. that's a great thing that i can actually go out on the field and look london fletcher in the eyes and know that i'm about to complete a pass on him. >> robert, before you met -- >> don't tell him i said that. >> i don't know if you guys saw the wave, i waved to you guys. just letting you guys know i'm okay. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name. at least, i never have. i don't know about you guys. >> i don't know if any of you guys have ever been to the doctor, but -- like i said, i'm good for one every time. >> good comedic timing. many times athletes are understandably guarded, but here's a guy who doesn't mind showing that side. apparently he doesn't mind having his rehab training turning into an impromptu sweet 16 birth did i party. while working out in the pool last week a group of 16-year- old girls spotted him, check this out. one of the girls jumped in the pool with him. she told him she loved him, of course, griffin thought it was pretty funny and was nice enough to take this photo. not a bad birthday gift. coming up, another doozey of off the wall
. in the story about a half- just beend may have >> this out of london this morning. we go to the live desk for details. researchers in london have the remainsed that they found in a parking lot this man -- king third. the he rolled in the 1400s and is believed to have been the last monarch -- british die in combat. are morning they have found them. they found a skull in the ground. can show you a picture of where it was found. they tested a canadian man who 17th generation of king richard. he tested his dna and it proved to be a match. this morning there will be a press conference later on in london to officially make this announcement. interesting stuff. thank you. in today's tech bytes, a look at the top searches during the super bowl. and facebook celebrating its ninth birthday. i am perez has more. ,in today's tech bite ,earching during the super bowl the gameearch during was for a live stream of the , it wasa and on bing the super bowl and the .lackout on yahoo, it was power outage. top-selling the for thene in the u.s. first time since to the launch of iphone 5. temple run to is offi
worked together when an american serial killer came to london. she's a buffoon. all profilers are. they're snake oil salesmen who cast maladjusted closet cases as criminal geniuses in the media. the profilers, in turn, can be super-geniuses when the killers are caught. isn't profiling part of what you do? i deduce. enormous difference. drummond: holmes. glad to see you landed on your feet in new york. i heard you had some difficulties in london. nice to see you're keeping tabs on me. yes. this is joan watson. she accompanies me. helps keep those difficulties from reoccurring. nice to meet you. and you. we are talking about heroin, right? where's your captain? i need the manpower to do a four-quadrant search of the neighborhood. did you know that patricia ennis, howard ennis's sister, is a patient here? why not talk to her first? she was the one he was ostensibly here to help, so maybe she has some insight as to where he's gone. oh, no. wait. your book, that's right. what was it called? profiles in terror. yes, ms. drummond wrote a book about howard ennis after she caught him. got into a
. this mockup is based on the skull remained found in a dig 90 miles northwest of london. yesterday, archaeologists confirmed this skeleton is that indeed of the long lost king. famous from richard iii. talking to a woman behind the search in the next hour. fascinating stuff. >>> david letterman face to face with the butt of many of his jokes. he brought a tasty prop and a healthy dose of humor. >> i have made a few jokes, not just one or two, intermittent. but -- >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> now, wait a minute. maybe you can do that sort of thing in your state, buddy. >> i don't care if you're funny. from my perspective, the joke is funny, i laugh, even if it's about me. if it's not funny, i don't laugh. but i've never felt like it was anything that really bugged me all that much. >> now, what percentage of the jokes have you found funny? >> about 40%. roughly. >> can i just say, he's got good comic timing. >> great comic timing a great sport and smart to come on with the doughnut. you never know when you might get hungry, right? >> there you go. >>> in just
was held trying to shield the children. >>> police quickly ends a dangerous situation outside london's buckingham palace today. a man who looked to be in his 50s, holding a large knife to his throat broke through a security cordon. he got agitated as police start closing in. he finally lunged at a police officer, there you go right there, you can see it, the officer fired his taser, knocking the man to the ground where police handcuffed him. >>> we want to go now, ray lewis speaking to the media. >> never quitting, and always believing in your dreams and goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my side. no matter what was said, no matter what i've been through, my babies have always looked to me as their father. as a man, it's the greatest reward ever, to go out 17 years of a dream. and now i get to hug my babies for the rest of my life, and i get to say i was a champion when i went out. it's just no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side. terence moore, i'm going to go to you. ray l
is in london so he is stuck there for the game. this is fall on a smaller group than normal. i would be more excited if i had time to be excited but i can say that the energy and the group is high. and they enthusiasm is greater than what we have seen before. we're happy to stoke the fires. >> thank you for the time. >> thank you very much. >>> and the purple pride going on. we want to see yours here in charm city. send us your pictures to pix at wmar. we'll put it in our slide show. can you check it out. >>> 5 things to know. the sheriff's association is making an announcement today on where it stands on the gun control issue. >> and a news conference at the ballroom -- ball room in washington, dc. >>> the secretary of state is ready to retire from the post. it will be last day as the head of the state department. she will be replaced by john kerry. >>> we'll hear from the nfl commissioner when he gives his state of the nfl. >> and 61% of players showing dissatisfaction with the way he runs the organization. >>> and stars raising money for sandy victims. >>> today is go red for women's day
prank. they called the london hospital where a pregnant person was being treated. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. >> breezy and coal into the weekend. not a lot of snow. it will be called into next week. >> thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back
baby bump for the first time in london. she has not made an official public appearance since december. she visited hope house a substance abuse programs for women in recovery. her charity called action for addiction, hosted the event. >> what she wears is really important, because she's the ultimate fashion trendsetter. >> fashion insiders think that she may be taking fashion cues from rabies grandmother, the late princess diana. people will be-- taking fashion cues from her late mother-in-law, the late princess diana. >> this "the voice famous father played the scarecrow in the west with diana ross. prince michael jackson would like to become a producer, director, and actor. >> baltimore ravens wide receiver jacoby jones would like a permanent reminder of his football career high. >> he wanted to get the ravens tatoo. wanted the roman numerals written on it. that is supposed to be the superdome in the background. the execution may have been a little rushed. the ravens does not look so fierce. the letters in the roman numerals look a little crooked. what do you do? >> i think that you
of london's most famous sites. kirit radia in london now. >> reporter: chaos erupted as crowds were watching the famous changing of the guard at buckingham palace. a man burst forward brandishing knives holding one to his neck. when he refused to put the weapons down, police moved in taking him down with a taser. bystanders were stunned by how quickly it unfolded. >> they tased him and he fell to the ground in a couple of seconds. >> reporter: tourists captured the drama on their cameras and phones, posting the videos on youtube. police say the man is believed to be in his 50s. so far they haven't released any other information about him or his motive. we're told the queen wasn't home at the time. in the end, nobody was seriously injured. david. >> still some terrifying pictures going viral. thank you. >>> tonight from turkey, new clues into the death of that american mother on a trip texting her husband and children photos. her last text saying she'd be home the next day. last night here we told you about the gruesome discovery. tonight nick schifrin with more on the investigation from turk
not necessarily help the cause. >> inside a small london shop, something rather peculiar is going on. and walnuts are meeting their doom and one by one. this is a hard edge of their battle against prostate cancer in the u.k. chris adams has the disease and is the trustee for the charity. >> there has been a significant increase in the awareness of prostate cancer. we have not cracked a walnut and yet, but we are working on it. >> smashing nuts may seem like an odd way to fight the disease, but so is growing a mustache or getting a 69-year-old grammy on board or dressing up in costumes to run yourself to exhaustion. these are always charities have chosen to get themselves notice. it is very business minded, and is working. >> they try to build an identity. they are trying to engage with you, so the same way charities are trying to engage with you in the same way. >> the success of a good campaign can skew the cancer funding landscape. pancreatic cancer and leukemia have similar incident rates, 8400 year for pancreatic and 8200 year for leukemia, but the latest figures show leukemia received nearly
're entering the seventh day of the hostage situation in alabama. >>> a disturns in london. >>> what the game is all about, the commercials. >> the commercial between the supermodel and the nerd went on and on. >>> when she performed at the halftime performance, she brought her a-game. >>> and all that matters. >> i want to make sure we're doing everything we can to make sure the sport is safer. >>> on "cbs this morning." >> 30 years from now the nfl will still be here bigger and bett better thannen and you'll probably be here still doing "face the nation." captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." the baltimore ravens are waking up as nfl champions after an unforgettable super bowl. they beat san francisco, 34-31, in game that featured a half-hour blackout followed by a staring comeback. >> the ravens and the fans celebrated inside the super dome after the 49ers drive fell a few yards short. they were wild in the streets of baltimore. police say there were a few disturbances but nothing serious. and he was inside the nnfl at te super bowl when the power went out. first jeff
the palace. a terrifying scene in london for tourists at buckingham palace. the man with knives, the police who had to act fast. >>> the super bowl's superstar. which celebrity will win the play off the field? and will anyone ever be able to tackle betty white's moment? >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend says. >> baby! >>> from abc news world headquarters, this is "abc world news" with david muir. >>> good evening. thank you for being here on this sunday night. we begin this evening with that unfolding tragedy, a former navy s.e.a.l., a hero to members of the military. this evening authorities say he was targeted and killed by a fellow veter.
him. >> how authorities in london responded. >> and new technology could help establish a colony on the moon. new approach being looked at by scientists. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. looks like our dry weather looks like our dry weather pattern ends this up coming [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> ama: police had to taser a man outside buckingham palace today. police said he sliced at them with the knife. they tasered the man and cuffed him. he will undergo an evaluation. >> dan: european scientists believe they have a way to efficiently build a colony on the moon. members of the european space agency they can use
disturbance in london where police used a taser to subdue a knife wielding man outside buckingham palace. >>> for some the big game is all about the commercials. >> that kiss between the model and the nerd went on and on and on. >> superdome, one, two, three, four. >> when beyonce took the stage at the superdome for the halftime performance, she brought her "a" game. >> and all that matters. >> i want to make sure we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer. for those of us that like to see a big hit, we're probably going to be occasionally frustrated. >> on "cbs this morning." >> 30 years from now the nfl will definitely still be here bigger and better, and you'll probably still be here doing "face the nation." >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." the baltimore ravens are waking up as nfl champions after an unforgettable super bowl. they beat san francisco 34-31 in a game that featured a half hour blackout followed by a stirring comeback. >> the ravens and their fans celebrated inside the superdome after the 49ers' final drive fell a few yards short. there w
imprisoned them in the tower of london. >>> if you woke up from your super bowl party feeling awful, but you're not depressed and you didn't drink. the mysterious side effects of super snacking. >> it is a fact. super bowl sunday is the second big food day of the year. >> a lot of food. >> chicken wings, pasta salad, potato salad, sausage, burger, what didn't i eat. >> second only to thanksgiving. if all that snacking has left you feeling a little. >> tired. let down >> i feel terrible inside and out. >> you're not alone. >> our bodies and our brains evolve so we know when to expect food so that we can function and perform well. >> and snacking is not part of the program. ucsf doctor says snacking as dramatic effects on our brain and our bodies. it upsets the human food clock. >> you are what you eat, but we also have when we eat. so, the time of day that we eat is important in terms of how our body deals with the food but also in terms of how we adjust our bodies and brains to anticipate food in the future >> he says how we deal with food will
to london, going to attends a meeting on national security. >>> today might be a good opportunity to talk to kids about using the web safely. the safer internet day started by the tech company promotes responsible use of on line technology and mobile phones, especially among children. >>> caught up in the super bowl hoop? apple is releasing the ipad four today. 128 gigs of memory runs on the ios6.1 software. the ipad costs between 800, $940. >>> this might be the most important news of the day, free pancakes. not just for breakfast, all day long, ihop is celebrating national pancake day. all they are asking is that you make the donation to the leukemia and lymphoma society in exchange for the free flap jacks. >> between baltimore and dc, surrounding areas, the destination can be a real headache. now a study warns drivers to be prepared and add more time for the commutes, dc drivers who set aside 2 hours a day, of arriving time is 80 minutes, san diego, an hour, the study looks at traffic to help drives gauge how long it can take them to get around. two hours. >>> video, fans celebrations
in london and will attend a meeting of the united kingdom national security council. >> the montgomery county council will vote today on a measure aimed at making county schools safer. it would provide $354,000 to accelerate plans to install security systems. in public systems those systems were set up to be completed and the end of next school year. now when the wake of the connecticut school shootings many want the systems installed sooner. >> checking news around the nation,-year-old coloma bo -- 85-year- old alabama boy kept in a bunker for a week is now back with his mother and is ok. negotiations with a suspect jimmy lee dykes deteriorated and he was seen holding a gun. he was killed. if it's not clear how. he kidnapped the little boy last week after he shot and killed a school bus driver. the child's 6th birthday is tomorrow. >> firefighters taken to hospital after raging fire in a baltimore neighborhood that started monday night at a lumber warehouse in the northwest part of the city. firefighters were ordered to leave the building. the walls collapsed suddenly. that left five
have an auction. you can go for barcelona or to london if you're a winner. tickets aren't that expensive for this auction. if you want more information, please go to my web site we'll have all the information about the children's inn. they zoo this every year -- they do this every year. they need your support. thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you very much. we hope to see everybody there. it's our 15th year. march 23. >>> howard, let's get your forecast. >> jc, we're doing lots of clouds here. they've been thick and light winds. no sun really. the temperatures have been real slow. struggling to get toward 45 or so this afternoon. only about 40 here coming up next hour. 44 by 5:00. back to 39 by 9:00 p.m. we do have a slight, slight chance after sprinkle or a flurry -- of a sprinkle or a flurry tonight. most of what we'll see will stay in the mountain,. a little bit of snow in new england. could be trouble on friday. what we're watching for tonight is another one of these fast moving upper air disturbances coming through the midwest this morning. n
renowned ... musician... is... playinggat the london zoo.../ p hoping his rrmantic music... will encourage tte gallpagos ortoises... to.... ate...//.it's... an unusuallaudience... / an... animal lover -3 himself, says... he juuped at & the serenade the endangered species. 3 ccaydermmn says: "i notice that in my omeewhen play the piano my ddg is always near me and so mmybe its good for the animals to listen to the music" music" 3 to... help et the ood..../ clayder-maa... played his ssash hit... "balladd... pour adeline"--// a ... tracc... that... rrakssas one of the biggest selling recordings of all time. if that doesnnt get the tortoises árandyá..../ zoo... wwll have to bring out the big guns...// like... marvin gaye's lets get it on... two thousand nakes on a &pplaae. the calendar evvnt that is big money for black market cobraadealers. &p3 3&ptwo thousand snakes... are airplane. 3& buutunlike the movie, the plane maae it back safely. safely. 3 bag after bag of r
of experience the 85-year-old was awarded a basta in london. looking back the oldest best actress winner won when she was 80. marley matlin is the youngest at 21 and many remember raven oneal who won best supporting actress for paper moon. >> i'm happy and excited but -- its something that you never think that will happen at your age. >> reporter: many critics believe this year experience will pay off in oscar gold. >> i think she will win best actress. she is amazing in this movie. >> reporter: on top of that oscar sunday just happens to be her 86th birthday meaning she could have two reasons to celebrate. brandy hittabc news los angeles. >> all the oscar and excitement is here on abc news. watch the academy awards sunday night at seven and stay tuned for abc 2news at 11. >> baltimore woman uses her own experience to help elm power other women with disabilities. >> we will introduce you to her coming up on the news at six which starts right now. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now abc 2news at six. >> my goal was not for my parents and children to be out like this
refund of their trip, and a discount on future cruises. >>> one of the biggest stars of london's summer olympics charged with murdering his girlfriend. last summer, he became the first double amputee runner to compete at the games. police in south africa say he shot his girlfriend, a well- known model, four times inside his home just hours before he tweeted about valentine's day saying it should be a day of love for everyone. police say were called to his home for domestic trouble in the past. witnesses told investigators they heard screaming before the shooting. >>> a university of maryland student is out of the hospital tonight wounded when his roommate went on a shooting spree in their backyard. the sole survivor managed to run away with a bullet in his leg. >> reporter: police say graduate student had been diagnosed with a mental illness for more than a year before tuesday morning's bizarre rampage. he took his own life after killing one of his roommates and shooting another roommate in the leg. >> we're just thankful that he's alive. w
. he was taking to a london police station. this all happened again while tourists were gathered to watch the changing of the guard ceremony. >> i was just walking across the road. and he is just -- he had knives on him. and he was just, i don't know, trying to walk towards the gates and the police got on top of him. >> queen elizabeth and her husband, prince philip we're told were not inside the palace at the time. and there was no comment from palace staff on the confrontation. well, there is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children end quote. those words part of an apology today from los angeles archbishop jose gomez. over hundreds of cases of alleged children abused by priests dating back to the 1950s. in a letter he says in every catholic church in los angeles area he is putting it out. dominic did i that tally is live tonight. >> excruciatingly painful detail of harm against kids by catholic priests in the archdiocese in los angeles are among the stacks of evidence that were published online last week. forced to release the confidential documents the ch
in london and new york. she couldn't have been nicer, kinder, and we had a great time and it was a great party and we enjoyed it. it's like seeing babe ruth at one time. >> you didn't hit on her, did you? >> i certainly did not. >> who made better taco dip, me or porter. >> don't put me in that bind. >> was there velvetta in it? that's it for us, we'll see you >> north korea dropped a new video. we will have the latest scoop and interview with the stars. and why does president obama think it is okay to kill americans ? what does he care? it is not like they are his fellow country men. and babies wearing perfume? the story so bad it stinks. greg? >> happy anniversary, greg? >> anniversary? >> you forgot, didn't you? >> what anniversary. >> what is the anniversary of? >> well, we met in a bar on 9th avenue about eight years ago. you were watering a tight t-shirt and i was crying in the corner because someone rolled me. >> i didn't know that was you. i didn't realize something happened? >> i appreciate your compassion and i will never forget that moment. >> it was something like that. >> ac
. they went to the london bridge, which was blocked over to the lake and their city and peace by peace. it is the real london bridge, just a good tourist there. the next stop, i ate a steak. a 72-ounce steak. a steak challenge. all right, i tried to eat it. 72 ounces. it cost $72. if you eat it you get it for free. if not it is $72 and i did not finish it. i ate a third of it maybe. the next stop was at this area. where was the next stop? she is still eating it. the next stop was on route 66, janice and i did and we saw some of the iconic spots. we went to the museum there and saw the horrible old towns as you can see there. the route that was once the mother load and a bunch of dying towns. one was living. it'd be 70 now. and now we're in the big easy. and ann, i cannot believe after eight days that i'm here. >> so tell me about it. how does it feel. what's going on there this morning? >> all right ann, i have partied with you and i know that you would love this town. there are more drunk people per square inch than anywhere on the face of the
at the tower of london. now, though, 500 years later, he gets a measure of revenge. finally he is the center of attention. for royal historians like sally dickinson smith, it's history come alive. >> it's a fascinating murder mystery. all of richard's life that we can still find archaeology like that and particularly under a municipal car park, i think that's fabulous. >> reporter: the king in the parking lot, history dug up and maybe rewritten. mark philips, cbs news, london. >> richard iii fell at the battle of bosworth ending the war of the ruses [ inaudible ] -- war of the roses [ inaudible ] >> you should have heard andrea and mike. >> i love this play. >>> we thank you for
insurance from lloyds of london. >> i'm almost speechless with excitement. >> reporter: this is actually the third year gardeners has offered this super bowl promotion. the first two were just for opening kickoff, but with the ravens playing sunday it was for whenever they got the ball, at the start of the game or start of the 2nd half. greg says he had 30 people in his home watching the game. >> everybody went nuts that jacoby jones made this incredible runback and then there was a hush and 10th 2nd later they went oh, boy -- 10 seconds later they went oh, boy, wen somebody is up the creek and they -- we know somebody is up the creek and they started pointing at me and laughing. couldn't be happier. >> reporter: sure is something he'll remember. in baltimore bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> thank goodness for that insurance policy, right? >>> coming up next tonight the presidential pitch to the public, president obama hits the road pushing for tighter gun control laws. >> and later tonight a followup to a fox 5 investigation. we told you about to expire retardant chemicals in some couches.
first warning forecast is coming up. >>> one of the biggest stars to come out of the london olympics has been charged with murder. police in south africa say oscar 50orias, an amputee sprinter, killed his girlfriend. rita nissan reports for wjz. >> reporter: police quietly escorted olympic track star, oscar pistorias, to prison in south africa. authorities charged the 26-year- old with murdering his girlfriend. model riva steencamp. police say she was shot four times inside the runner's upscale home. they've recovered a 9- millimeter pistol. >> a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wiewmeds. >> reporter: 50orias is a hero in south africa, dubbed blade runner for his artificial, high- tech legs. he made records, becoming the first double-amputee ever to make it to the games. >> he anchored south africa's team relay, here at the olympic stadium. >> reporter: he had been with his girlfriend for several months. hours before she died, steencamp tweeted about valentine's day, saying it should be a day of love for everyone. >> i knew her quite we
ultimately end up paying more air fare because some guy in london got delayed on a plane? >> ask me if i think communism is good? >> do you think communism is good? >> no. [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. thanks a lot. you are fantastic. my thanks to charlie and dagen. up next here, what's more american than the super bowl? making money and our team has championship picks ready to score for you. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." championship stocks from the championship stock pickerings.
it's nuts that we would maybe ultimately end up paying more air fare because some guy in london got delayed on a plane? >> ask me if i think communism is good? >> do you think communism is good? >> no. [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. thanks a lot. you are fantastic. my thanks to charlie and dagen. up next here, what's more american than the super bowl? making money and our team has championship picks ready to score for you. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe y have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at toda and now you're protected. y
and phone were left behind in her hotel room. >>> in london today, man will be in court after breaking through a security barrier at buckingham palace and waving two knives around. the queen was not home and the man's motive is not known. >>> and back here, now, to washington, where the state department will officially welcome its new chief. john kerry took the oath of office at a private ceremony on friday with supreme court justice elena kagan presiding. >>> former mayor ed koch will be laid to rest today in new york. former president bill clinton will deliver a tribute. his ceremony will end with the song "new york, new york." his favorite subway stop will be renamed for him. >> a new york legend for sure. >>> time now for weather from across the country on this monday morning. we have snow showers in the dakotas. snow wraps up from minneapolis to chicago and detroit. spreading later to the ohio valley, jersey, and philly. a wet day from houston and new orleans memphis. showers around seattle. snow in the cascades and northern rockies. >> 40s from salt lake city to boise. 16 in farg
of nephews in the tower of london. a play by shakes spear was critical. others say the!5ñ portrayal was unfair. either way, it's a fascinating story. >> looking backwards to towards. >> we have changes coming our way in weather. you can see right now, what has been a mainly sunny day. coast. they'll be pushing indland. highs reaching 20 in fargo and shame, great lakes chilly in the northeast. a high in dallas tomorrow, and phoenix as we take a look at the california conditions tomorrow, welle] >> coming up next, we're going to take a look at the most-tweeted moments of the super bowl. >> and ad bowl. commercials scoring high with viewers and which ones lost. >> i'm michael finney. the best chocolate for valentine's day. delicious sweets can be expensive but there are ways to safe cash. >>> 50 new ads ran during super bowl game nearly $4 million a pop just 30 seconds. >> that is pretty amazing. >> this may have cost million millions... >> maybe i ought to do a cameo. >> but biggest winners of commercialism... >> boom. >> were a pair of low budget ads made and chosen by doritos fans i
tonight. buckingham palace. officers used a >>> lis lis in london have arrested a man. officers used a stun gun to stop him. he appears to be holding a knife in each hand. police approached him, used the taser, he dropped to the ground and officers arrested that man. everything is on video. a little scary. >>> lawrence is here are a peak at weather and we're willmenting a big lament -- lamenting a big loss. at first you think it's going to be a blow out and all of a sudden they come back. >> that last quarter was amazing. >> we have an exclusive camera out there now on the new bay bridge. we are getting ready to launch that and it's looking good out there right now. nice and quiet early on this morning. you can see the new bridge and the old one. >> at the top. >> yeah, looking back down there. isn't that cool, we have a lot of fog out there in the bay area and that will be the big concern throughout the day. it's going to start to break up in the bay area as we head outside. it will be a while before it does. we're going to keep the temperatu
and how much more is about to be found. in london, katie logan, wjz eyewitness news. >>> european officials say the horse meat found in lasagna and other frozen dishes is a case of fraudulent labeling but does not pose a health risk. >>> scott pelley has what's coming up on the the áf evening news. >> a medical study out today shows a particular diet has a powerful effect. we'll have the story on the cbs evening news. >> thanks scott, here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be r >>> a clear and calm monday evening. so how's the rest of the week coming up. bernadette woods and bob turk are updating the forecast. no umbrella yet bernadette. >> not yet but it won't be this calm tomorrow at this time. this is what we're dealing with. the new storms headed our way then the rain arrives. it could start as an icy mix around here in this city before changing over to rain. because you see we're in the 40s. that cold air is going to hang out longer. as we head through the evening we're in the 40s, actually temperatures still
get a change that is quite dramatic in the character of an area, and here in london between 2001 and 2011, one-third of the white population has left. >> reporter: enormous demographic changes resulting in profound challenges like the so-called muslim patrols which the communities themselves are now trying to tackle. cnn, london. >>> we have live pictures here, breaking news happening out of cairo. this is actually taking place now. these pictures, these are the streets and they are erupting now, we understand, with water cannons and tear-gas, and this is outside the presidential palace, as the scene there is turning violent. we will have a live report out of cairo after this break. .... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. has o
in front of the facility today killing a turkish guard. amy kellogg live from our london bureau with that. amy. >> reporter: hi, jon. no one has yet claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack which obviously killed the suicide bomber, but also as you mentioned, jon, killed that turkish guard at the perimeter of the u.s. embassy, and, jon, according to fox sources in turkey that attack also wounded a very well respected female turkish journalist who according to that source had been the first person, the first journalist to interview ambassador richardioni and he apparently has gone to visit her in the hospital. she is apparently in serious condition. it turns out according to turkish authorities that the bomber was a member of a far left militant revolutionary group called the people's liberation front which initial here went off turkish military and military installations but in recent decades shifted to targeting u.s. military and diplomatic personnel. leftist groups are on the list of domestic security threats that turkey faces and they are known to periodically set off bombs. th
in london what his favorite ad was but, of course, he said broadcast cnbc, so they don't get to see the ads. can you imagine? >> no, even though i'm from san francisco. >> oh, look at that. >> right. >> still devastated by the outcome, then, i would imagine. >> a little bit. >> my sister is in baltimore. she's pretty happy this morning i would imagine, maybe hurting a little bit, too. >>> regulators are to be given the power so split up uk banks. this is one of the new laws to be outlined by the uk chancellor in a speech coming up shortly. again, we'll carry that speech live here on cnbc, 11:30 central european time, that's about 20 minutes time for those of you in the uk. and we will follow the entire speech plus the question and answer segment. so stay with us for that. meanwhile, there are more changes at the top over at barclay's tonight. chris lucas and general counsel mark harding both announced their retirement, saying it was the appropriate time. mr. lucas is one of four people being investigated over allegations the bank made loans to qatar bought into the company at the height of
loves a british accent. >> isn't that true? >> london is my favorite city. we filmed "x-men" there so i lived there. >> you eat fish? >> yes. >> a complete delight. thank you for staying and giving us a little bit more. best of luck for the oscars. i think you're in for a great night. i think you should be. it is an amazing movie and more importantly it has an important mission statement to it. mental health is one of the great issues in america now. and i think this is something that everyone should go and see. thank you, both, very much. >> thank you, piers. >> lovely to see you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis.
a british accent. but london is my favorite city -- >> you've spent a lot of time there? >> yes, i have. >> do you eat fish and chips? >> i eat fish and chips. >> it's been a complete delight. thank you for staying. it was very gracious of you. best of luck at the oscars. >> thank you. >> i have a feeling you're in for a great night. it's an amazing movie. and it has such an important mission statement to it. mental health is one of the great issues in america right now. and i think this is something everyone should go and see. >> thank you, piers. >>> we'll be right back. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis.
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